Private Chef Thierry Toronto, ON, Canada

Have a seat, I take care of everything ! // Asseyez-vous, je m'occupe de tout !

Personal Chef # 2898

Cooking style
As a food lover, I cook almost every type of food. Either I look for the recipe of some meal that I don't know about, either I open the fridge, and cook things that pops in my mind. I am open-minded and experience new saveurs. The most important to me is the taste of the food.
I have been cooking since I was 12. As a boy, cooking my own meals, and as a boy-scout, competing for the chef-contest ! As a student, cooking for the roommates, as a son and son-in-law, cooking for my families, and as a fiance, cooking meals for my beloved.
American, Europe, French, Vegetarian
Foodie Thierry
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What would you like?

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