Private Chef Hugo Toronto, ON, Canada

Professional Chef Hugo!

Personal Chef # 8229

Cooking style
Old-school contemporary fine dinning.
I've been cooking since I can remember, my mom has been a great influence on my career. I started cooking in the fast food industry, which taught me part of the basics in the kitchen. At age 16-17, I began doing breakfast and I loved it even more. After this, I noticed that I wanted to learn how to cook Italian food so I started working and getting better at this type of cuisine. After a while, I moved on to something more serious and started working at this little restaurant that made a little bit of everything so I took a job as dishwasher. After a few months, I learned how to cook all the menu and they offered me to run the kitchen. I was then offered a bachelor’s degree and I was also simultaneously working at an Argentinian steak house. I then worked at a five-star hotel and then an entrepreneur offered me to create a restaurant with him. We came up with 6 different ideas for resto bars and I had the change to create and become the general manager. After five years with him I thought it was time for something new so I moved to Riviera Maya where I worked in a three-diamond resort as the CDP in a Japanese lounge bar. After this, I started working for Disney Cruise line and had the opportunity to make the opening of the ship Disney Dream for 4000 passengers. This was the experience of a lifetime where I met the love of my life. We moved together to Louisiana and I worked there as a management consultant and sushi Chef. Finally, after a year, we moved to Canada where I have been working for the past two years.
American, Asian, Fusion, Italian, Latin, Mexican
Chef Hugo
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