Private Chef Evan Surrey, BC, Canada

Comfort food for a comforting evening

Personal Chef # 981

Cooking style
My cooking style is all about robust flavours. From the smokiness of a pulled pork sandwich to the crisp fluffiness of freshly baked flatbreads. I have a passion for BBQ. On the other hand, I love to sometimes keep it fresh and go for an island theme. Lots of fresh fruits and local seafood from halibut with a mango butter sauce to stuffed jumbo prawn. The culinary world is your oyster, it's time to be the pearl!
Level 1 in culinary arts. I went to the art institute of Vancouver. Sous chef at multiple restaurants and head chef at 1. Have been a sous chef for cactus club cafe for 1 year now. Spend a lot of time prepping and trying new recipes from entrees to desserts and even bread.
American, BBQ, Soul/Southern
Chef Evan
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Seafood feast

Seafood feast

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What would you like?

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