Private Chef Carl Surrey, BC, Canada

Chef Carl's West Coast Experience

Personal Chef # 4264

Cooking style
My focus is on bistro west coast cuisine with influences of french and italian. I love giving healthy portions and using as many local products as are available.
I bring to your dining table a seasoned hand of gourmet comfort food. I am very personable and ready to adjust to anyones needs. I have taught hundreds of cooking classes, so if you want a cooking class instead of just a dinner then that can certainly be an option.
American, Decadent, French, Italian
Chef Carl
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Asian Inspired Small Plates

Asian Inspired Small Plates

$ 23.00 /guest    4 and more


$ 47.15 /guest    2 and more
Rich and Flavorful

Rich and Flavorful

$ 57.50 /guest    2 and more
Summer Menu

Summer Menu

$ 59.80 /guest    2 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more

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