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Private Chef Emily Saint-Lazare, QC, Canada

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Personal Chef # 30974

Cooking style
Whether it be a nostalgic rustic dish or an immaculately crafted fine dish, I believe food should be an experience. You can choose from the dishes I have listed or I would love to speak with you and create a bespoke menu for your needs. I will be happy to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions you and your guests may have. I am well-traveled and love to create with the new flavours I have experienced.
My love of food started at a very young age. While most kids watched cartoons, I watched cooking shows and dreamed of the meals I could create. I have experience cooking professionally for over four years. Working from garde-manger to pans to grill I have worked a variety of positions in the kitchen. I have collaborated with chefs to develop menu items and design plating. I enjoy creating menus and have hosted a number of dinners and themed parties. Want a sweet finish to your meal? I also have a wide variety of baking experience; from wedding cakes to cookies.
Asian, French, Fusion, Health, Italian, Terroir
Chef Emily
Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

$ 69.00 /guest    2 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more