Private Chef Veena Montréal, QC, Canada

Fun with Indian cooking; Amusez-vous avec la cuisine indienne

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Cooking style
No-fuss cooking with no compromise on yumminess! Accent on health, flavour and fun, cooking and learning together. With Indian food its the spices that do most of the work! Learn 3 recipes in about 2 hours to make your own mini-Thali, then enjoy the meal. En français aussi! You get recipes & a list of where to buy Indian ingredients in Montreal.
I have been giving Indian, vegetarian, cooking classes in French & English since 2015. At my home, in cooking schools and client's homes, in fact anywhere with a kitchen. Discover the world's richest cuisine! Do Chickpeas in Butter Chicken Sauce, or go beyond, into the wonders of regional cuisine. Being a writer I bring a cultural angle to the experience. Born into a veg. tradition, I know 100s of plant-based recipes and love taking people on the spice trail. That said, I teach moderately spicy recipes, unless you specifically ask for HOT!
Foodie Veena
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Indian Standards

Indian Standards

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What would you like?

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