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Private Chef Sadaf Langley, BC, Canada

Food should be nutritious but most importantly be delicious!

Personal Chef # 30533

Cooking style
I have years of experience cooking authentic Pakistani/Indian dishes. I also have extensive knowledge in cooking Italian, Chinese, Thai and Vegetarian meals. I make all my spices from scratch. I also make my condiments from scratch (organic yogurt, mayo, chutneys, etc). I love adding aromatic flavours while leaving the heat to your discretion. If you want bland food then I am probably not the best fit for you (although I will grudgingly make it for you ;).
The culinary world opened its door to me through my natural inquisitiveness and desire to understand, practice and create a variety of cuisines in the kitchen. My view when cooking is not to make dishes that taste good (any cook with some form of basic food knowledge can do that). My desire is to create dishes that have you craving and clamouring to come back for more. To have your mouth watering at the thought of eating a meal I create. My passion lies in learning new and innovative recipes and techniques while taking the time to enjoy the dishes with family and friends. I could happily go to school for the rest of my life, educating myself about food, traveling to different countries and learning hands on how to make authentic dishes native to the land. Having been privileged to travel the world and taste local cuisines has set my bar high. I know the difference between eating from the hands of native countrymen vs. the replicated creations abroad. There is always something to learn, be it from a renowned chef or a grandma. I learn from both enthusiastically and without judgement. I have run my own meal service business, I am a cooking instructor, a food inspector and a head chef. Yet this is only the beginning, my thirst has not been quenched, quite the opposite. The excitement to gain new skills and further develop my abilities means I am ready to experience what lies ahead. I am not walking through the doors. I am running.
American, Asian, BBQ, Chinese, Fusion, Greek
Chef Sadaf
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What would you like?

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