Private Chef Michel Abbotsford, BC, Canada

ChefBoss Culinary- focus on healthy locally sourced foods and preparing from scratch for freshest meals

Personal Chef # 24909

Cooking style
Experienced in many different styles and cuisines but I am most passionate about healthy whole foods locally sourced, using essential oils and creating amazing flavours.
Red seal chef with over 20 years experience. I have cooked and worked in a variety of settings including Disney cruise ships, 5 star fishing resorts, fine dining, casual, catering weddings and private events. I have over 10 years experience as an Executive Chef managing multiple food outlets. My main goal and passion is to help people have more time with their families and eat healthy fresh meals at home. I also enjoy cooking for special occasions all in the comfort of your own home while you and your guests enjoy an amazing evening!
American, BBQ, Europe, French, Fusion, Health
Chef Michel
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What would you like?

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5 stars is not enough.. 10 stars all the way!!!
Michel was wonderful from beginning to end! Communication was clear and prompt, he listened carefully to our wants and likes when creating a menu for us, and was on time and professional for our event. His cooking skills are superb. He really knows his way around the kitchen and is a magician with food! His plating and attention to detail make the experience all the more enjoyable. We had a wonderful time and are so pleased with the service Michel provided. We would recommend him in a heartbeat!
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