Private Chef Ryan Nassau, NEW PROVIDENCE, The Bahamas

King of taste!

Personal Chef # 20036

Cooking style
Secret that will be brought to your table. I am well versed in different types of cooking (Mediterranean, Indian, Vegetarian, etc.).
Chef Ryan always has a secret recipe up his sleeve. After graduating valedictorian of his culinary class, he decided to work in the Hospitality Field and gain his experience from there. Chef Ryan has worked with numerous celebrity Chefs and after working with a Chopped Champion, he decided to compete as well. He decided to put his skills to the test and went on to represent the Bahamas in an international competition where he and the team achieved the silver medal. Award winning Silver medalist Chef Ryan is currently a hibachi Chef and loves to bring excitement in the kitchen.
American, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, French, Japanese
Chef Ryan
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What would you like?

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