Private Chef David Vancouver, BC, Canada

Private Chef

Personal Chef # 15065

Cooking style
Precise. Modern. French - Italian - Japanese. High End Cuisine. Local.
I have 14 years of professional experience in the culinary industry. I previously worked as a Private Yacht Chef. I've also worked for Holland America Cruise Line, and as a Chef in various restaurants including, Araxi Restaurant and Bar, in Whistler, British Colombia. My experience lies mainly in high end kitchens, precise, advanced skill-set. I have worked in all kitchen environments, and I am very skilled in most culinary areas. Knowledgeable with Sous Vide cooking, Molecular Gastronomy, Modern. Innovative. Cuisine. Overall.... Personality. Chef. Passionate. Always thriving for excellence. Creativity. Balance. Versatile. Dietary Requirements, and Food Preferences.
French, Italian, Japanese, Molecular, Spanish, Vegan
Chef David
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$ 120.18 /guest    10 and more
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Seasonal Menu

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What would you like?

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