Personal Chef Virginia

San Diego, CA, United States

Passion cannot be purchased at any cost!
Home Chef # 22104
Cooking style
I can satisfy any palate form Rustic to high end.
My cooking services specialize in custom in-home prepared meals, dinner parties, small event gatherings and vacation rental Chef services. I customize meal plans and menus to the clients specifications using the freshest, in season local ingredients. I grew up in a Peruvian family who concentrated around the kitchen. This is where I began my cooking journey, even before I could reach the kitchen counter. I have a constant hunger for learning and creating daily. I have over 30 years of cooking experience and 13 years of experience as a Personal Chef. I am here to simplify your life and strive to prepare dishes to awaken and satisfy all your senses and culinary cravings.
American, Health, Mediterranean, Spanish, Thai, Vegetarian
Chef Virginia
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Around the World

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What would you like?

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