Private Chef Crystal Ottawa, ON, Canada

Jack of all trades

Personal Chef # 709

Cooking style
My style ranges. I enjoy making breakfasts, comfort foods, Hardy meals, plate designs, Asian, Italian, Norwegian, sea side, Canadian and American. Plenty more to learn always! I do have a background in baking too.
My experience has bin a rocky one. I started off cooking for my family when I was very little. Having no money helped me understand flavor and the value of being a mad scientist when cornered with little to nothing to cook. That knowledge has saved me a time or two in collage, unsure of the next meal would appear or how much I'd have in the bank. what would happen if I cooked apple pie filling with pork? . In college I applied for culinary Arts. I graduated top of my class. To my frustration school didn't teach me about real restaurants, and how they don't add up or fallow all the rules tought in school. I took a break and became an animal nutritionist. After loving animals, I knew my real calling was in cooking. I return to the kitchen now willing to press on and work for my passion. I cook for family and friends anytime they want. I have two jobs cooking. One for a breakfast cafe and at the house of Commons.
American, Asian, BBQ, Fusion, Health, Italian
Chef Crystal
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What would you like?

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