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New Orleans, LA, United States

For the love of food
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Cooking style
Contemporary American. Love to play with different flavors but I love classics and finding ways to put a spin on them. Sweets and desserts have always been a specialty. Instagram and Facebook @chefdashtheflash
After gradating from culinary school, I was fortunate to work with Top Chef winner Chef Harold Dieterle and his locally sourced seasonal menu at Perilla in New York, NY. I worked with a classic American menu at the historic Old 76' House in Tappan, NY taught me to appreciate tradition. Butch's Steakhouse in Kingsville, TX was where where I learned that More is more and meat and potatoes should be its own food group. Currently I am In New Orleans where I have worked for the Brennan's at SoBou, Top Chef Masters contestant Sue Zeminick at the #1 Gautreaus and I am the Former Original Executive chef at Blake's on Poydras. Most recently I started a catering company D&J Catering.
American, Caribbean, Europe, French, Health, Soul/Southern
Chef Dash
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Dinner for 4

Dinner for 4

$ 22.00 /guest    4 and more
Southern Beach Elegance

Southern Beach Elegance

$ 51.70 /guest    10 and more
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What would you like?

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