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Nashville, TN, United States

Parla Come Magni
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Cooking style
My cooking style is simple, not fussy, seasonal(as much as possible), and as local as possible. My heritage is Italian and Sicilian with Southern Roots as well, so that plays a part in my cooking style. I was also formally trained in classic French cuisine. I am, however up for challenges, and love to create custom menu's for clients.
I've spent just over 20 years of cooking in the firehouse before finally attending Le Cordon Bleu. Learning the fundamentals was a good experience, but putting together the steps and discovering/exploring/experimenting was even better. I performed my externship in Orvieto, Umbria, Italy, under the direction of Chef Lorenzo Polegri of Ristorante Zeppelin/Casa Segreta. Not only is he my mentor, but he is my friend. His passion continues to flow through me, and I would like to share that passion with you, whether it be through food or cooking lessons. I am also willing to travel for events.
American, Europe, French, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian
Chef Sean
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An evening in Roma

An evening in Roma

$ 97.75 /guest    4 and more
Dinner in Umbria

Dinner in Umbria

$ 57.50 /guest    2 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more
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Fantastic Experience
Our meal was excellent, the service was awesome and Sean was so personable. He exceeded our expectations. We had an excellent time celebrating a Birthday and we would hire him again! The dessert was my favorite part of the meal :-)
Chef comment: Thanks so much Stacy! I'm so happy you enjoyed everything!
Great experience
Chef Sean and his wife were very accommodating and made sure we had what we needed to eat before we started our day. The food was great as well!
Chef comment: Thanks so much Kenny! I hope you guys had a great visit, and we're so glad you enjoyed the food!
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