Private Chef Jarrod Kamloops, BC, Canada

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Cooking style
My cooking style is mainly seasonal and local. I try my best to produce my own goods through gardening and foraging. I want to create a new kind of contemporary Canadian cuisine.
I have been working in the restaurant industry for 10 years. I took the culinary program at Thompson Rivers University and from there work at an upscale restaurant in kamloops for 4 years where I eventually became the chef. From there, I travelled to Thailand and Mexico, eating everything I could and learning new flavors along the way. Upon my return to Canada, I then worked as a sous chef of a winery kitchen in osoyoos. I later worked in a busy restaurant in Yaletown in Vancouver until I returned to my home town of kamloops where I have organized several special events and multi-course meals for some of the locals. I now work as a line cook, prep cook and baker at a craft pub and cafe.
Asian, Europe, French, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean
Chef Jarrod
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