Personal Chef Jean

Calgary, AB, Canada

Menu #460
From South West of France

Some Amuse-Bouche first. Starting with Gougere, puff pastry with Swiss Cheesse, garnished with onctuous Basil whipped Cream, Italian Proscuito and Freh Asparagus. Keep going with Duck Magret ( Thick duck breast). Ending with a real French Macaron (Almond Powder Biscuit) stuffed with Pistachio light Mousse. Bon appetit, your tonight Chef, JEAN

Category: Dinner
Influence: French
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Gougere au Proscuito & Asparagus
Gougere au Proscuito & Asparagus

Gougere is a petit Chou (puff pastry), filled with asparagus, Proscuito, and Mascarpone Chantilly with Basalmic Glaze.

curly  Main Course  curly
Orange duck Magret (Breast)
Orange duck Magret (Breast)

Roasted Magret, with Orange Sauce, Caramelized Pear, Sweet potatoes purée et Liver Mousse Duck.

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Macaronade, Pistachio Mousse and Raspberries
Macaronade, Pistachio Mousse and Raspberries

Pistachio Mousse, Fresh Raspberries, between Two Macaron Biscuits

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