Personal Chef Nicholas

Boston, MA, United States

Menu #9141
The Versatile Vegetarian Dinner

I start this menu with an exciting roasted grape, feta and Arugula salad stimulating the appetite for the Entree, roasted vegetables over a bed of Tangy blue cheese polenta and then finish it all with a sweet, comforting blueberry and pear tart. A knock out meal that exemplifies the versatility of Vegetarian cuisine

Category: Dinner - Lunch
Influence: American, French, Italian, Vegetarian
Dietary restriction: (Gluten-Free, Vegetarian)
curly  Appetizer  curly
Roasted Grape, Feta and Arugula Salad
Roasted Grape, Feta and Arugula Salad

bright, complex with a touch of sweet, this salad is sure to excite and awaken your taste buds!

curly  Main Course  curly
Blue Cheese Polenta
Blue Cheese Polenta

Tangy blue cheese wakes up a hearty polenta, over which roasted seasonal vegetables are served. Quick, easy and delicious!

curly  Dessert  curly
Blueberry Pear Tart
Blueberry Pear Tart

a beautiful flavor combination of sweet berries and bright pears cooked in a delicate, buttery yet light pastry shell, this tart is truly a crowd pleaser!

$ 41.40 /guest       2 and more
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