Personal Chef Arno

Auckland, AUCKLAND, New Zealand

Your dedicated French Chef in Auckland
Home Chef # 18149
Cooking style
French, mediterranean, with a touch of love.
French gastronomy, from traditional to Michelin style. For more visit, #frenchchefakl @frenchchefauckland @arnojullien 'french chef auckland' 'home chef’ ‘home french chef’ 'private 'personal food' food french auckland foodie reservation booking facebook ‘private function’ ‘private function chef’ restaurant consultant ‘restaurant consultant’ ‘auckland restaurant consultant’ ‘home chef’ ‘personal chef’ ‘private chef’ home arno arnojullien ‘’ fooding nz ‘’ kiwi foodie recipe france function catering cook ‘french cuisine auckland’ cuisine ‘french cooking lesson auckand’ french teacher auckland’ teacher cook cooking ‘for hire’fill prep box bag ‘food box’ ‘food bag’ offer special organic free range week weekly food fridge‘fridge catering’ ‘’ fooding hospitality consultant ‘restaurant consultant auckland’ ‘culinary photography auckland’ ‘french photographer auckland’ ‘culinary photographer auckland’ google youtube ‘french classes auckland’ cooking 'cooking classes auckland’ 2017
American, Asian, BBQ, Europe, French, Mediterranean
Chef Arno
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Menu Discovery

$ 82.50 /guest    4 and more
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What would you like?

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